What Is Gluten?

Let us look into gluten for a moment.

We will try and keep this as simple as possible and leave out all of the technical stuff. So, what is gluten? I have always been told that gluten is similar to glue. When the body digests something that as gluten, the gluten will stick to you digestive system like glue that can begin to build up overtime. It is difficult for you body to digest, therefore your body can start holding an excess of gluten in the form of fat. Gluten refers to a protein and is made up of gliadin and glutenin. The elasticity of doe in baked goods is gluten. It is what makes these goods so chewy.

What goods have gluten in them? Gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye. Most grains contain gluten as it is part of the seeds germination process. However there are still some grains that do not contain gluten namely: oats, sorghum, millet, brown rice, buckwheat, wild rice, amaranth, quinoa (my favorite), and corn. I have become very accustomed to quinoa these days. And even attempted to grow it one year which was unsuccessful. Quinoa is probably one of the more popular gluten free choices as it is easy to cook and there are a variety of byproducts you can make with it such as quinoa burgers.

Before we digress to much, lets recap what gluten is. It is a protein among different cereals, mainly wheat, that is the cause of the elasticity in doe.

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