Family Ties – Dietary Expectations

How many of you were in a situation where you felt obligated to rest on your laurels and take the path of least resistance this year by giving into those delicious gluten filled dressing balls? I did! Luckily, my sensitivity is low enough to where I have the capability to do this. However I know some of you all are not in a position to oblige to such an offering and have to stay strong enough to resist the temptation.

This year our cousin, Ricky, was staying with the family over Thanksgiving – he does not hold back over the holidays. He works full time for a roofing company in Jupiter, FL, we rarely get to see him given his hectic schedule. Ricky is gluten intolerant and has been so pretty much his entire life. Over the years he has been a very strict vegetable eater and even dabbing in the raw food movement for a while. It is nice to have someone in the family who appreciates the gluten-free diet that I promote, however his take on the lifestyle part is a bit different.

To begin with he does not really see my perspective of living a new “lifestyle” while living a gluten-free life. He doesn’t think that by taking gluten from your diet you can somehow be propelled to new heights in your missions and goals in life. I asked him, “How does he think a gluten-free lifestyles has effected his roofing abilities”? He laughed out loud hysterically and said “zip”! Of course, his reaction was predicted. Ricky is one of your typical hard nosed construction types that likes to poke fun at people in the health industry, even though it is light hearted. Ricky is the guy who can make a decision and follow through with it immediately without of second guessing anything. I commend him on his ability to do successfully do this. Ricky if you are reading this, “I commend you, sir”

So Ricky and I were the only gluten-free outsiders at our Thanksgiving party this year and it will probably be the same for the next, and the next. Not everyone is as lucky as I to have a comrade alongside them. any people have to battle it out with family members on why they should have gluten-free options at dinner party’s let alone family gatherings. I would go as far as to say, if your family decides to be reluctant to provide such necessities at Thanksgiving, or any other event, please do yourself a favor and pass on it. There is no need to become belittled in a group setting become of biological reasons completely out of your control.

Stay Calm, and Carry On!

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Gluten-Free Foods, The Healthy Diet Check List

Starting a new diet is never easy. Many, if not all of us have attempted this before. We here about a new trending “health food” diet and it sounds great so we decide to jump on the train only to find ourselves getting off on the first stop. Listen, a gluten free lifestyle isn’t as hard as it sounds. Do you enjoy cooking your own meals? If you do, then this should be a breeze because your recipe book will really not change that much. A few simple ingredients will be replaced with healthier ones and before you know it, you will be living a gluten-free lifestyle.

In order to help your transition to a gluten-free diet, we have built a quick check list on foods that are safe to eat and that we know you all will love.

First, let’s go ahead and make it easy on you. Feel free to go wild with vegetables. Just about every kind of vegetable you can find at the grocery store qualifies for staying in the recipe book. Potatoes are also naturally gluten-free, and the same goes for sweet potatoes. Low sugar fruits like, avocados, lemons, and limes are also great to keep on your grocery list. Seasonings are also an easy fix because virtually all of them can stay on the list with the exception of ketchup.

Gluten-free grains we went over in a previous article here, but below a check list to review.

  • amaranth
  • brown, white, and wild rice
  • quinoa (our favorite)
  • millet
  • buckwheat
  • sorghum

As far as your legumes, beans, lentils, and peas are all okay. Chickpeas are an excellent choice for making hummus. Last but not least, because we all know your dying to find out: cheese. If you are going to keep dairy products, we ask that you use them sparingly. Goat cheese is my go-to. You can usually find it at your local farmers market for best taking, homemade cheese.

We hope this helps you on your journey to living a gluten-free lifestyle. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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