How many people do you know with a gluten sensitivity?

According to recent studies roughly 3 million people in America suffer from celiac disease. This is about 1% of our population as of right now. However, I know many people that choose a gluten-free diet, but if only 1% of the population actually have celiac disease, then why are so many more people choosing to avoid gluten?

Honestly, I don’t have celiac disease. Neither do most of my friends. Maybe we have been hoodwinked by great marketing to avoid gluten. Regardless, I feel 20 times better than I ever have before, not that I eliminated gluten from my diet. My significant other also began a gluten free diet and she now feels more energy than she has in many years. So what is it with gluten that makes us feel so much healthier if we avoid it?

Many gluten containing products are higher in calories, sugar, and fat. By substituting our diets with lighter foods, our body are simply reacting in a positive way. I know many of you can attest to high amounts of sugar being harmful to our bodies and clarity of mind. As stated before here, clearing out the gluten from your body is more than just a dietary change, it is a lifestyle change. It effects your mind, body, and spirit. You become a healthier individual because you are literally living a healthier lifestyle. Pretty simple eh?

Never underestimate the power of choice and how one simple choice can effect your entire life.

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