Healthy Lifestyles Revisited

Lets create a list of things that we have covered in previous posts about living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Exercise
  • Waking Early
  • Dietary Choices
  • Goal Setting
  • Positive Affirmations
  •  *Surrounding Yourself with Success

To make a long story short, surrounding yourself with success will bring everything else together. It is the last on the list, however it may be the most vital component. Lets be clear, success is an arbitrary term and ultimately is it up to you to decide what that word actually means and how to apply it to your life. Wether it is living a Gluten-Free lifestyle or not, it needs to align with your unique perspective of success. Now, the reason I say surrounding yourself with success is a sure-fire way to bring success in your life is because we as humans adapt to our environment. Our species is well equipped for this, physically, mentally, and spiritually. If you can find people that “have what you want” then you can learn to imitate their lifestyles until it manifests authentically as your own way of life.

An example of this could be financial success. Lets say your goal in life is to become a multi-millionaire, and right now you are only making around $20,000 per year. Its rather impractical to say you will be your millionaire dreams my staying at an income level of 20k. If you started on the search for knowledge to reach your goals you will probably start by reading books written by successful people. This is totally a form of surrounding yourself with success. Mentally you are changing the way you see the world through the perspectives of people who have already reached the goal you are trying to achieve.

Now what is even more powerful than reading the success into your life is physically surrounding yourself with it. No, I don’t mean rolling in a wad of money, but interacting with people who have reached the goal you are attempting to achieve. By talking with them, listening to them, they will rub off on you contagiously. Its simply a part of life. So go out there and meet people in your area who are already living the life you want to live. I don’t mean to “leach” off of them or to “stalk” them either. If you are constantly surrounded by people in your life who do not live up to your own goals and dreams, then they will bring you back down to their level.

I hope this helps to inspire you to move forward with your goals and make the necessary changes in your current lifestyle that will set you up for success.

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